State of California Sales Tax Changes as of 4/1/15

Sales Tax Changes are easily done in AccountEdge.  There is no need to create a new tax ID card every time the tax % changes.  To change the tax % go to Lists from the top tool bar, select Tax Codes.  Open the tax code card and change the % and all future sales will calculate with the new %. The prior sales will calculate at the old %.

For new cities added to the BOE list, you will need to create a new tax code card.  You will also need to locate those customers within those cities.  You can locate them by going to the Card File-Card List.  Select Customer the customer tab and search by city.  From there you will need to open each customer and confirm the ship to address is the city with the tax change and change that customer card tax code.

Let me know if you have any questions.

BOE 040115

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